Repeat Prescriptions, Referrals and Pathology Test Results

Doctors providing prescriptions, referrals to specialists or pathology tests are responsible ethically and legally to ensure that these are correct and warranted. Therefore, a consultation with a Doctor will be necessary in most instances. Please bring a list of prescriptions you require when you attend your appointment.

Please note: Prescriptions will not be written if you have not seen a Doctor in the last 4 weeks- the reception staff will not be sending requests through to your Doctor outside of this time frame. If your request is within the 4 weeks, a request will be sent to your Doctor and it will be up to their discretion whether they will write the prescription out of session.

Should your Doctor agree to provide a repeat prescription or referral without a consultation, a non-Medicare rebateable fee of $15.00 (Inc.GST) will apply.

Appointments with Specialists and some pathology tests that are not covered by Medicare may incur additional charges.

If your doctor sends you for any investigations, please make sure that you ring the practice within a few days of having the tests performed to receive your results.

Reception staff will be able to advise you if you need to follow up with your doctor.